We Exist To Rescue And Restore Victims Of Sexual Slavery Through The Love And Power Of Jesus Christ.

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  • Share on Social Media

  • Talk to your family, friends, co-workers, and leaders.

  • Present to your small group at church using our 4-week curriculum.

  • Create Your RESCUE DAY to showcase at your church, school, bible study, or other community forum. Apply below for materials, speaker suggestions and availability.



Your Community

  • Organize an anti-trafficking group in your school or church.

  • Host a film night using a recommended video from our resources page.

  • Work with an existing social service agency to help survivors of sex slavery.

  • Apply for Project Rescue’s summer internship.



to Authorities

  • Learn how to identify victims of sexual slavery and trafficking from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Rescue & Restore Campaign.

  • Report any information or potential slavery activity near you to the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline at (888) 373-7888.

  • Your call could save lives.



Current Prayer Needs


Ongoing Prayer Focus


For God to raise up strong national staff for every ministry site.


For spiritual discernment and authority among staff as they counsel and pray over women, girls and boys in the homes.


For complete spiritual, emotional and physical healing and restoration for the women and children impacted by Project Rescue affiliated ministries.



Project Rescue Summer Internship 

Each year Project Rescue sends interns to ministry sites overseas. This internship is for those who feel a call on their lives to work with victims of sexual slavery. It is an opportunity to learn what it is like to work day to day with women and/or children who have experienced the horrors of sexual slavery and are in the healing process. If you’re interested, contact us for more information about our internship program.


What is Rescue Day? 

Rescue Day is how we empower YOU, individuals, churches, businesses and other organizations to change the lives of women and children throughout the world who are victims of sexual slavery.

We are asking you to Create Your Rescue Day… join hands with us in the fight for the spiritual and physical freedom of women and children who are sexually exploited.

On average, it only costs $3 per day to rescue and provide life-changing care for one woman or child…Imagine the difference that we can make together!


The Rescue Day Tool Kit 


The materials in this tool kit include powerful photos and videos depicting the transformational journey of women and children restored through the Project Rescue program.  

Yes! I will Create My RESCUE DAY 

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…to help free women and children from sexual slavery and exploitation.

Included in your RescueDay Kit… 

  • Hand Made Item from a Survivor

  • T-Shirt with Project Rescue Logo

  • “Beyond the Soiled Curtain” Book written by David & Beth Grant

  • Prayer Cards for PROJECT RESCUE

    USB Media Drive including:

  • Instructions Page

  • Feature Video Trailer

  • Media Elements for Keynote Presentations