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Established 2010

Women and children from Tajikistan are subjected to forced prostitution primarily in the UAE and Russia, and also in Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, and within Tajikistan.

Reports indicate an increase in kidnappings and transport of Tajik women and girls to Afghanistan for the purpose of forced marriage.

Women are increasingly vulnerable to trafficking within the country and abroad after they are informally divorced from their absent migrant husbands and then need to provide for their families.

Tajik law enforcement officials often do not differentiate between women in prostitution and sex trafficking victims and do not attempt to identify trafficking victims among women found in prostitution.

Current Initiatives

  • Aftercare Home

  • Awareness and Prevention Program

  • Church

  • Community Development

  • Day/Night Care Shelter

  • Income Generation

  • Non-Formal School

  • Vocational Training