Stories of Hope

by David Grant

Amen!! Praise the Lord!!

Hope starts here. Good evening folks. Thank you for being here on a Saturday night, thank God. It is my joy to greet all of you and to say this is a great weekend for missions for BGMC for Saturday night it is a delight to be with you. So delighted to have Joel and Stephanie Harrison with us tonight and their daughter Arabella and then brother Milton from India who is over Southeastern at the moment and then brother Mark Daniels who is with us and just came in from India. In fact, last week he was in Bombay, India with Project Rescue.

We have a church, a red light district Church in the heart of the brothels, the prostitution area of Bombay. 300 girls approximately every Saturday night fill that church and are finding restoration. Rescue is not the hardest thing, restoration is the hardest thing. We can rescue a girl out of the darkest, deepest, difficult place but the greatest miracle is God giving them a new beginning, a new heart. There's a scripture in Ezekiel chapter 36 and verse 26 it says, “I will take out the heart of stone and I will give you a heart of flesh and put a new spirit within you”.

The greatest challenge is the heart that God transforms. Even in this service tonight there are hearts that have been hardened, broken, betrayed. Hearts that have become hardened by life, by circumstances, by abandonment, by difficulties, by illness by betrayal. Hearts that have been broken and God is in the business of healing hearts. That's his greatest desire to put a new heart within us and to give us a new spirit. Hallelujah!

Mark was in the middle of that for the last two weeks and has just returned to Lakeland, and we have a book table that is available for you. Mark, Milton, and Joel will be there at the book table after the service.

Three of the books that are available at that table is number one: “Beyond The Soil Curtain” which is the story of Bombay India where we started Project Rescue 20 years ago. As Devraj said on the video tonight the first night the first street meeting in the red-light district where we discovered 100,000 girls who had been trafficked. Most of them out of the nation of Nepal, some out of Bangladesh. India's 1 billion 300 million people is a lot of people, but there are 100 million little girls that died from abortion. 100 million girls have been aborted in the nation of India, very few boys. You see boys are valuable, girls are not valuable, so girls are often destroyed. The value of the girl child, that's the heart of human trafficking the value of the girl child. There are 100 million little girls that never lived because they were girls. India is now facing just like China, a shortage of girls there are 1 there are 90 girls to every 100 boys in India.

The same thing is true in China. All because of the value that girls do not have. So, many of the girls are sold. You see, for a family in India there's a dowry system where you pay a young man to marry your daughter. So the girl is considered a liability, and the boy is considered an asset. So girls don't have the same value.

So here we are 20 years ago, launching a team challenge center, in the heart of the slums of Bombay. Bombay is a city of 21 million people you could take the entire population of the state of Florida and put it in the city of Bombay. In that 21 million, probably there are 8 million men in that city who do not have their family in the city.

Men come from the villages to work in the city leaving their wives, their children, their family back in the villages. So 11 months out of the year, these men are working in the city of Bombay most of the time 12 hours a day six days a week. That's the average labor, so there's a demand for girls to satisfy the lust of these men. Eight million single… well, they're not single necessarily, they're just in the city alone for eleven months out of the year and one month out of the year, they go back to the village.

So you have this demand and so there is where there's a demand there's a supply we launched this team shouting Center and our staff from Teen Challenge began to discover the world of darkness in the red-light district of Bombay100,000 girls and never I saw me and said David I want you to come I want to walk you through hell and I'm fluent I've been I'd have been in Bombay I've been in India now for 49 years and for 29 years I had preached in the city of Bombay and never knew nor visited the red-light district it was not something that you do it's not part of the tourist side of it but we launched this team challenge center and suddenly our staff discovered the starkness so I flew into Bombay and never I said I'm going to take you through the red-light district at midnight that's the busiest time of every 24 hours is the midnight I walk through that red-light district through throngs of men thousands and thousands and thousands of men crowded in those streets in that district and I walk by 12 13 14 year old girls provocatively dressed heavily made-up and their eyes were dead standing at the door brothels inviting me in to rape two teenage girls who most of them would not live unto their early 20s disease danger demonic activity this was the world of the red-light district our town our Teen Challenge staff had a street meeting and with a pace system being beamed into the brothels devraj's preached and he said his name is Jesus and he can help you he can save you he can rescue you if you'll call upon him over 100 girls that night sent word out and said tonight we called on your Jesus and ask him to change our lives we got a word back into the brothels and said what can we do to help you all and the first thing those young women said was we have daughters that were born to us here in the brothels they live they sleep under our beds always service customers will you please take our daughters to a place of safety we sent word back and said tomorrow night at a certain time the staff will be at a certain place the next night Devaraj foam and he said they gave us 37 little girls tonight 37 girls and we're opening our first shelter a place of safety now that was 20 years ago last year 2018 PROJECT RESCUE minister to 45,000 girls in ten nations of the world India Bangladesh Nepal Sri Lanka Moldova Tajikistan Spain France Italy areas of trafficking and I won't take the time tonight to talk about the trafficking in America except to say just two brief things Justice Department estimates that a half a million girls in America a half a million teenage girls are involved in forced prostitution and are trafficked right here in the United States ninety percent of those girls came out of foster care ninety percent of those girls came out of foster care at eighteen you age out of the foster care system and often there is not the kind of relationship of loving caring that you would like to see and they are very vulnerable to someone who will take advantage of them and traffic them America Europe Africa Asia there's not a nation on this planet that's not involved in sexual exploitation there's a demand around the world a demand and there will be a supply in the Middle East Syria Iraq Iran all for the Middle East and in Africa Civil War horrible things has caused a million refugees to flee into Europe many of them travelling across the Mediterranean on little rubber dinghies and many of them drowned on the way but a million have arrived in Europe with no legal status no place no money nothing and they are vulnerable to traffickers they estimate that of those million migrants almost every woman was sexually assaulted on the journey and now in Spain which is considered the most third prostituted nation in the on the planet first is Thailand second is Cambodia and third is Spain they estimate a million men a day in Spain purchase prostitution services where there's a demand there will be a supply and we have five shelters now in the nation of Spain as soon as that got in Spain their hearts have been moved and broken and they are doing something about this most of the girls and the shelters in Spain are out of Africa out of West Africa and God is doing some miraculous things as I'm sharing with you these statements I don't want you to feel that it's all bleak I'm saying this is the challenge of millions of displaced people with no hope but we saw it on a screen PROJECT RESCUE our statement is hope starts here we are concerned in missions about unreached people groups and we consider those millions of girls all over the world and unreached people group that Jesus died for and he has called us to focus on prayer giving an action to see God do something in their lives there's two scriptures that I will leave with you tonight number one I will take out the heart of stone and I will give you a heart of flesh God is in the business of changing hearts secondly when I landed in India 49 years ago I heard a missionary named Mark Montaigne in Calcutta India preached from a scripture that for 49 years has shaped my life proverbs chapter 3 verse 27 withhold not good from them to whom it is due when it's in the power of your hand to do it with hold on good and for 49 years that scripture has echoed and re-echoed in my heart David with all not good from them to whom it is due when it is in the power of your hand to do it the falling verse verse 28 reads like this say not and this is the King James Version say not unto thy neighbor go and come again and tomorrow I will give when thou hast it with thee the old english translation say not into thy neighbor go when thou hast it in your hand to do it don't put off what God may speak to your heart tonight we are talking about boys and girls missionary crusade that has been a great investor in PROJECT RESCUE because it's girls and boys we're rescuing the faith promise that will be placed in your hand in a few moments reach like this as God enables me I will help take the message of Jesus into all the world by giving to the missions program my local church weekly monthly name address so you you say what brother Dave why should I put my name in Anders here you will never be contacted but this is a faith promise covenant with God Almighty it's not so much between you and the church there bgm see it's you and God and I want to challenge you tonight with something deep in my heart a faith promise is actually a faith prayer this form is a prayer request to God as God enables me I will not make a faith promise based on my bank account nor my income nor my ability the need is so great in missions that I'm going to take a step of faith and ask God to release the riches of heaven through my hands I'm gonna ask God do something through me but it's not normal that is not rational that is not usual father the need is so great and your provisions are so incredible you are looking for someone you can trust and let me say it this way and pastor out I'm talking about it well for a moment ago you said but what if I make a faith promise and it doesn't come in my statement is you're off the hook because this says as God enables me not as I am able but as God enables me my statement is not what if it doesn't come in my statement is what if it does what if God answers your prayer can you be trusted for the Khans answer it's so humorous when I get letters from people saying brother day pray that I win the readers digests sweepstakes and I give 10% of it to PROJECT RESCUE and I will still wait a minute wait a minute if you're gonna pray that way then let's just say gotta be just win the sweepstakes and give it all but it's not a matter of sweepstakes it's a matter of a spiritual relationship between your prayers and God's provision I am challenging you tonight not only to give but to make a faith promise that's really a faith prayer that says God release through my hands the provisions of heaven and you can trust me to invest it right you can trust me to respond when you open the windows of heaven you can trust me with a response now that's what I call a faith boss God do something through me that's never been done before 45,000 girls touched this past year girls hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them better in our care tonight and people say well how much does it cost to take care of the little girl three dollars a day in India three dollars a day that's $90 a month that's $1,000 a year that provides them a bed a safe place to sleep and live schooling medical care food everything that girl needs is three hours a day you say but I can do compassion or national others and that's only $39 a month and that's wonderful what we provide is not what compassion our others provide we provide a place a safe place we provide all their medical care and many of our girls have AIDS meaning if our girls have sexually diseases that are devastating our goal is to physically emotionally and spiritually bring them to a place of healing a place of healing and I challenge you tonight to be a part of that miracle I mentioned that there's three books that are on the book table there are $5 donations for $5 to donate because we just don't feel comfortable saying we sell anything we don't sell girls we don't sell sponsorships and we don't sell books but these books document the story of miracles thousands and thousands of the girls PROJECT RESCUE beyond the Soul curtain prejudice whose fight for the victims of the sex slave industry someone said to my wife 20 years ago why don't you write about what's behind those salt curtains and little brothels and my wife said no not what's behind the curtain what's beyond the curtain not what they're in now where can they be by the grace of God on the back part it reads like this 15 year-old Sumi peels back the sawed curtain of her stall in Bombay she watches the customer pay the madam for Sue me this is her ninth and hopefully last customer of the day when she has complied with his sexual demand she'll be released to attend a church service conducted by Project Rescue. India is a religious nation you would never deny a Hindu girl the privilege of going to the temple you would never deny a Muslim girl the privilege of going to the mosque so you cannot deny a girl who wants to get to a Christian Church and out of the brothels come thousands of girls seeking the hand of God and that's where we are in Bombay in Nagpur in Delhi in Calcutta and in major cities in that part of the world with a church that is specifically designed for those girls to come to and find restoration and healing and deliverance hallelujah this book is the story the Bombay girls the story of girls who in the middle of Hara have found healing and hope and new beginnings second books is out on that tables called beyond the shame restoring dignity to the victims through the survivors of sex slavery the girls say the greatest struggle we have is not physical its shame how do I tell somebody I was born in a brothel how do I tell somebody this is what my mother does my mother does how do I tell someone I have no father I don't even know who my father was they say the greatest struggle we have is shame that's not only true there it's true here and God was to shatter the shame that paralyzes our lives from a new beginning and a active life of serving God the third book is on the table that there's called my wife's latest book courageous compassion confronting social injustice God's Way courageous compassion those three books are available on the table out there I challenge you to not only know what is going on in the world but did do something about it withhold not good from them to whom it is due when they'll has when it's in your power to do something about it 20 years ago when I walked those streets in the red-light district of Bombay at midnight looking the eyes of those girls whose eyes were like dead people God spoke to me and said I gave you two daughters now I want to give you thousands of daughters and I said but god there's a million of these girls in India a million and God spoke to me and said then pray for a million pray for all of them a faith promise is not what you can do a faith promise is not what's rational it's what God says pray for a million you say okay this you touch forty five thousand girls praise the Lord that's not a million but God keeps saying pray pray for a million and I'm believing God that as God raises up young people children men and women who say I will not withhold good from them to whom it is due when it's in the power of my hand to do it three hours a day takes care of one little girl ninety dollars a month thousand dollars a year you saw the pictures of the girls on the video who came out of the most horrible background and now here they are now college graduates here they are girls without fathers but he has become their father I take that scripture over and over I am the father of the fatherless is what God says I am the father of a fatherless thank God why am I here tonight because this is my father's business and his business is my business my father is not with a million girls died in India nor in Europe North Africa nor in Asia my father is not willing that they perish and he has commissioned you and I to do something about it and bgm see has come along side PROJECT RESCUE and said let's change the future of thousands and thousands of the girls withhold not good from them to whom it is due when it's in the power of your hand to do it let God take your heart and bring healing to your heart so that you can bring healing to others there's a fourth book that we don't have with us it's called the International curriculum for caregivers of sexual survivors it's a curriculum for caregivers it's called hands that healed hands that heal and I'm challenging you tonight to become one of those whose hands bring healing I want you to do something with me for a moment I want you to take your hand and lift it up and make a fist out of it and say with me this can hurt this can bruise mmm say this with me many people have felt a fist this week but open up your hand and say or this can heal this hand can bless and tonight Saturday night at Harvest Church I ask God to make this a healing hand a hand a blessing a hand that brings freedom and new beginnings to those who have felt the pain and the brutality and the bruising of a different fist this shall be a healing hand in Jesus name Amen praise the Lord granite Jesus hands that healed hands that heal with whole not good stretch out your hand give go pray and give amen that's what this service is all about I wish we had a lot of time and I would just simply take questions but that's not our purpose tonight question and answer our purpose of that is simply to give you an overview of a dark challenging broken world not only overseas but right here in America it must be very embarrassing to the billionaire the owner of the New England Patriots who was arrested last week in West Palm Beach Florida it's kind of sad to even tell you and most of you know this story the owner of the New England Patriot what is 77 years old he is a billionaire a billionaire and his chauffeur drove him to a spa in West Palm Beach Florida where he has a mansion for a massage and 40 men were arrested that day who went from massage at that spa and they were all arrested because the spa was nothing more than a prostitution place and the girls in that spa were Asian girls who had been trafficked in the United States of America and worked 12 to 14 hours seven days a week never left that spa for hardly anything they were slaves and a task force of police including the state Attorney of Florida had set up a sting operation because people didn't realize these spas now I landed in Tampa Florida today and had a late breakfast with some friends at a diner at 4100 Kennedy Boulevard in Tampa Florida today I drove into that restaurant and stood in amazement at five spas within a hundred yards of that restaurant most of those spas are fronts for trafficked girls who are offering sexual services under the guise I'm not something every spa I'm not saying every massage father no I'm not saying that I'm saying that it is a common common thing right here in the state of Florida now this billionaires embarrassed and he's been charged with a misdemeanor but the state attorney Florida said it is important that people know that these spas are mostly fronts for prostitution not voluntary prostitution involuntary prostitution so from Bombay India to Tampa Florida to West Palm Beach to Polk County underneath our culture is a dark side and that's why it is so important that we not only find freedom in our own lives and healing in our own hearts and a commitment to use our hands to transform the country that we are part of but also to transform this planet by the power the Holy Ghost the answer had always been and still is Jesus the same yesterday today and forever Jesus no matter how wealthy no matter how poor Jesus makes all the difference in the world

there's a little seven-year-old girl brought into one of our shelters her mother died and nobody claimed this little girl her mother said please when I died give her a PROJECT RESCUE never knew a father born in a brothel malnourished diseased when she brought into our shelter it's seven years of age she didn't weigh 20 pounds skin and bone nothing but just a skeleton almost but she spoke beautiful English it's amazing what you learn on a brothel I became like her adopted uncle I took her with me to church to prayer meeting she would wrap her tiny little fingers around my little finger when I would walk with her to church I became uncle David she was a beautiful child and our doctor said she's not gonna live but a few weeks the malnutrition the disease seven years on a brothel she has no future James having me to leave took her in my arms and said honey ouka David's gotta go but I'll be back in a few weeks and I'll see you then she looked up at me and said no uncle David I'll never see you again I won't be here when you come back she knew she was dying we knew she was dying my throat closed I could not speak tears begin to run down my face I'm holding her in my arms she reached up a tiny hand and brushed the tears off my face and preached the greatest sermon I have ever heard she said don't worry about me uncle David I've got Jesus and he's Oh her mother's dead she never knew a father born in a brothel now she's in a PROJECT RESCUE hoho but I've got Jesus I couldn't speak I hugged her put her down on the floor and walked down headed for the airport when I got on the plane I was I said God we're praying for a million girls to be set free but there's one little girl she has nobody but you but she says I've got Jesus and he's all I need every church I went to I told her story for the next six weeks and thousands of people prayed for that little girl I must confess I struggled with my faith on that one I struggled I flew back to that city stepped out of the airport a large crowd had come to meet me and suddenly she said I've been adopted by a Christian family I have a new mother God has healed my body and I have a father for the first time in my life I told you I've got Jesus that's what this Saturday night service is all about right here in Lakeland Florida right here in Polk County in Bombay in Calcutta in Delhi in Spain in Italy his name is Jesus and that's what this offering and this faith promise is all about put your hand right over your heart pray this prayer with me say Lord Jesus there's a place in my heart just for you please come fill that place bring healing to my heart healing to my body healing to my soul show me your purpose for my life help me to make a difference in the powerful name of Jesus Christ amen lift your hands and let's just give him praise while the ladies wear the faith promises are coming to pass them out just lift your hands and say Jesus I give you praise and thanksgiving that you're the god you are the god of the miraculous in Jesus name now when the ladies hand you a promised card take it and fill it out I don't know if there's pins in the view in front of you or if you need to borrow one share them with others thank God I have one preamp in there maybe others have a pen when you use your faith promise if you need a pen we'll find you on praise God take a faith promise I've got a pin if you don't have one we'll share one and take a step of faith as a pastor yes as pastor Adam said tonight last year some of you made an incredible stuff of faith and I'm saying to you tonight what kind of prayer are you willing to put on this faith promise as God enables me I'm gonna take and ask him to release through me heaven's provision what heaven can do and what can God trust me with it's a step of faith I've had a lot of prayers answered and some prayers were delayed God does not always close his books every 12 months God does not always close his books every 30 days but God will always do what's right amen you may want to take can say father what do you want to do through me this year three dollars a day $90 a month thousand dollars a year takes care of one little girl and gives her a future and a hope and a new beginning there's a thousand things that I wish I had time to say to you tonight I am so glad to be with you on this Saturday night I'm glad mark Daniels and Milton and Joel and Stephanie are with us tonight thank you Pastor Adam tell pastor Keith collie we'll see him tomorrow Keith and his wife her great friends pastor Connelly has preached with me in India and Nepal powerful meetings.

I'm so delighted to be here this weekend with you thank you as soon as you finish filling out your faith promise card we're going to receive it and if you don't feel like you put in enough in the offer and while ago you can just say add some more to it God is a very open God I want to share the last two scriptures one more time with you and then reminds you of the book table and the three books that are available on that table Joel and Milton Stephanie and mark I will be at the book David I would like to shake your hand before you leave this service tonight I'll be in the lobby take a moment come by and let me say hello and let us give you a prayer card to put in your Bible to pray for us both of our daughters grew up in India in Europe they're both involved with PROJECT RESCUE with their husbands and their children our young our older daughter Rebecca is in New Delhi right now with her husband and two children they're part of God's miracles our young a daughter Jennifer and my wife are preaching a human trafficking conference in Los Angeles today our younger daughter is a nurse who resigned a very wonderful job as director of Nursing at a hospital in Springfield Missouri to go back in the missions and work with PROJECT RESCUE hallelujah God gave me two daughters and several thousand more and both of those daughters are in missions today I look at the young people in this service tonight and especially the worship team and how are you thank you so much and all of you thank you so much thank you so much and I cherish for you the will of God I cherish for you God's purpose God's plan and I pray that this weekend God will give you a sense of direction and revelation in the name of Jesus and may heaven be opened and its provisions through you by the power of the Holy Ghost I look forward to the marriage supper of the lamb and I've asked God foolishly probably but I ask God in prayer let me stand at the gate of heaven thousands of girls who have been rescued and retained and restored come through the gate I want to be able to say welcome to father's house you did have a father you never know about the mouse but your father made a place for you and I hear Jesus say in John 14 I go to prepare a place for you that where I am you will be there also a man praise God worship teams sing for us let's lift our hands and give God praise for a moment would you just lift your hands and say father I will not withhold good from them to him we just do when it's in the power of my hand to do it pastor Adam come and conclude our service thank you hallelujah hallelujah thank you Jesus.