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In 2010, Spain had the second-highest number of victims of human trafficking in the European Union, after Italy.

Most victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Spain come from Nigeria, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay and China.

Many of the victims do not speak Spanish, are under threat, in debt, and unaware that help is available. They are also undocumented immigrants and are afraid to go to the police.

In 2013, 13% of the trafficking victims in Spain were Nigerian citizens.

1st City in Spain Est 2012

Current Initiatives

  • Red Light District Outreach

2nd City in Spain Est 2012

Current Initiatives

  • Aftercare Home

  • Awareness and Prevention Program

  • Income Generation

  • Medical/HIV Clinic

  • Non-Formal School

  • Prison Outreach to Trafficked Women

  • Vocational Training