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City in Moldova Est 2009

  • Moldova is primarily a source country for women and children subjected to sex trafficking.

  • Moldovan women and children are trafficked into Russia, Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, Israel, Thailand, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic and the United States.

  • Women and minors are subjected to sex trafficking in Moldova through brothels, saunas, and massage parlors.

  • Boys were subjected to sex trafficking in Moldova, and girls were subjected to sex trafficking both within the country and transnationally.

  • Traffickers used fraud, debt bondage, and withholding of documents and wages to compel victims into sex trafficking.

  • The Internet is used as a tool for recruitment and exploitation.

Current Initiatives

  • Aftercare Home

  • Vocational Training