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The barbed wire represents sexual slavery, while the butterfly represents the fragile beauty and potential freedom of the women and children trapped in slavery. The combination shows the hope and restoration that is possible through Project Rescue and the love and power of Jesus Christ.


We exist to rescue and restore victims of sexual slavery through the love and power of Jesus Christ.

We accomplish this mission through holistic programs of physical, emotional, spiritual intervention, and restoration for women and children in sexual slavery.


We dedicate ourselves to bringing hope, healing and transformed destinies to sexually exploited women and children through Jesus Christ.


We believe transformational ministries to sexually exploited persons and those at high risk are Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered, Church-based, Holistic, and Collaborative.

We provide value through Intervention, Restoration, and Prevention.


There are multiple colors and versions of the logo. Correct usage depends on your preference, background color, and/or page layout. Please select at your discretion.

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Logo | Icon | Square | Circle | Stacked | Inline


Black | White | Burgundy | Blue | Transparency

Copy of Dark Blue


Stevie Sans

Corporate Brand Font

Corporative is a unique and versatile font family, perfect for titles and body copy. All weight variations can be used, even though only five are shown here. The Corporative font can be used in combination with the secondary font (Proxima Nova) to create a professional feel for a number of designs, print or screen.


Proxima Nova

Alternative Brand Font

Proxima Nova is a professional and strong font family, perfect for body copy when paired with Corporative. All weight variations are acceptable. This font can be used in combination with the main font, or on its own.



Handwritten Brand Font

Jelytta is a hand drawn font, used to bring an intimate and friendly feel to a type layout. The font has three variations and should be used sparingly, and mainly for subtitles. This font is not required in any layout, but gives one more option for the designer.



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