Orisa's Story


a story of hope:


Orisa is a beautiful young woman from Nigeria. She was deceived into coming to Spain as a nanny and was told she would be paid a good salary through which she could pay back her debt for the travel to Europe and also be able to send money to her impoverished family.  She was taken on a perilous journey through northern Africa that lasted months, enduring hunger, illness, and violence. Along the way she was beaten and raped. After traveling by boat from Libya to Italy, she finally arrived in Spain, and discovered the real reason she was brought to Spain; she had been sold into sexual slavery. “What could I do?” she cries as she tells her story.  “They told me I had to pay back 50,000 Euros ($61,000) for the journey and if I didn´t they would kill my family and me.”  She was constantly submitted to beatings, threats and voodoo rituals. At one point she became pregnant, and was drugged so that she would miscarry. The bleeding was so much that she almost died. 

One day, Orisa was found on the road by the Spanish police, and she was referred to the Project Rescue home in Madrid, Spain.  She was afraid, insecure, and in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Thanks to the love and care she received at the home, and as a result of a transformational relationship with Jesus, Orisa is now a new woman.  She has been baptized, has studied Spanish and is now taking a course as a social mediator to continue to work with Project Rescue. She wants to help other girls who have suffered in the same situation that she has. Orisa’s face now glows with the true joy of knowing Jesus and experiencing freedom in Him!