Mariana's Story / Spain

Mariana approached the Project Rescue staff members after an awareness event one evening in Spain.  With tears in her eyes, she explained she had been trafficked into prostitution and recently escaped.  But the horrors she experienced weren’t easy to leave behind. Like many victims, she suffered from post-traumatic stress, finding daily life difficult, especially without an income or the support of family and friends.   

The local outreach team befriended Mariana, and established a relationship of trust.

After a few weeks, Mariana asked to join the Project Rescue safe home to make a new beginning for her life.  From the very first day, Mariana appreciated this opportunity and made the most of every training session, participating in the home and at the local church.  She completed the discipleship course and was baptized over the course of the following year!

Mariana knew she wanted to serve God.  When she graduated from the home, a Project Rescue Scholarship made it possible for her to pursue her dream of becoming an esthetician.  In addition to her work as an esthetician, she worked part-time helping women at the local Project Rescue home who were survivors just like she was.  Mariana plans to start her own business in the future, and be able to provide employment and job training to other women who have graduated from the home.