A Partner’s Perspective: Rod & Cindy Loy


A Partner’s Perspective

Rod & Cindy Loy

The church I pastor, First Assembly in North Little Rock Arkansas has been involved with Project Rescue from the beginning over twenty years ago.    In fact, we provided the money to help purchase the land for the very first aftercare home.  Over the years, we have periodically been involved with projects, but recently felt God’s direction to be involved in a more intentional and deeper way.

For us, it started with a conversation with a girl at one of the homes.  We sat in McDonald’s (a treat in her country) and I listened as she shared her story.  At the end of our time together, she looked at me and said, “Would someone like me be welcome in YOUR church?”  That day, human trafficking changed from an issue to an individual.  It became personal.  I knew someone who had suffered.  It deeply affected me.  We had to do more.  I had to do more.  Our church had to do more.

Today, First NLR is giving, going, and praying like never before.  We have caught the vision to see captives set free.

Several of our students have dedicated their birthdays to Project Rescue, raising funds instead of gifts.

In the last twelve months, we have given over $300,000 to Project Rescue.

Recently, a group of men in our church who have overcome pornography addictions, formed a prayer team to pray for Project Rescue, it’s staff and the people it serves.   They were once part of the problem, now they are part of the solution.

But, it’s not just our church.  My entire family is now involved in Project Rescue.  I serve without pay as the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Project Rescue. My son, Parker and his wife, Meredith assist with technology and social media.  My wife Cindy is an advocate, who also hosts events to highlight and raise money for Project Rescue.  My older son, Tyler and his wife, Emilie are generous givers and passionate prayer partners.

A McDonald’s conversation changed my perspective and my path.  I hold my new granddaughter, Evie and realize the women and children who are trapped in sex trafficking are just like her.  I am determined to love and sacrifice for them so they can experience freedom and the life-changing grace of Jesus.

I am a Project Rescue Ambassador! 

Today, First NLR is giving, going, and praying like never before. We have caught the vision to see captives set free.
— Rod & Cindy Loy