Sajarika’s Story

She arrived in the aftercare home as a very young 3 year old. Abandoned in a brothel by her mother, she was left in the care of the Madam. When news of our aftercare home reached this Madam, she acted in loving courage by bringing Sajarika to the Project Rescue affiliated aftercare home in Bangladesh.

The first few weeks after she came to the home, Sajarika wouldn’t speak or play with anyone.There was no life or light in her eyes. She wanted to go back to the only other home she had ever known.

Slowly, she began to open up to the home mother and our staff. She began attending church and earnestly memorizing Bible verses.

Today, just a few months later, Sajarika is excelling in her nursery studies and loves to play with the other girls. Her eyes are no longer vacant; they shine with a glorious Hope!

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