Project Rescue Internship Orientation


For eight years, Project Rescue summer interns have had the opportunity to see first-hand and experience what Project Rescue looks like from an inside experience. Their previous intellectual pursuits on sexual exploitation of women and children are met by moments of wonder as they see the difficulties and joys of laboring for freedom. This year, for the first time pre-field orientation was held in our stateside office. It was a great time as directors, David and Beth Grant, their daughters and spouses, and the Project Rescue Team poured into the lives of the interns. God moved in a special way and confirmed the commissioning of each intern. What a time of blessings as interns and leaders alike were blessed by the tangible presence of God.

Quotes from 2012 Interns on Springfield Orientation:

• “The team of six of us spent a few days of training and orientation in Missouri before leaving the US. To be honest, I was not looking forward to these days but as soon as I arrived I realized what a privilege and honor this time was. We sat with David and Beth Grant and their family as well as the incredible PR staff. The wisdom and words they shared were invaluable, and I could have come home a changed person just from that time.” –Kendra

• “Whether to talk about our rich training sessions in Springfield or jam-packed bus experiences, there is much to share. Training was (almost devastatingly) humbling, as we heard about the time and investment it takes to see real change in the lives of women and children.” –Kendall

• “It’s been such an awesome two days! From ice cream to Bollywood movies to the Australian serious training that we spent time on today…so far I’m loving everything about this internship…I can’t wait to hear more stories, learn more skills, and get to know my fellow interns better!” -Kathleen

Inspiring reflections from our interns:

• How To Grow Fruit That Will Last by Kendall McCrory

• Nearly Organic Eggs by Kendra Larson

• Two Questions by Kathleen Bird