Do You Want To Learn More About Human Trafficking?

The 2012 Trafficking in Persons report is an excellent resource if you want to learn about trafficking in a specific country. This year’s report was recently released by the U.S. Department of State. To view the full report click here.

Below are a few facts about countries where Project Rescue affiliated sites are ministering.


Establishments of sex trafficking are moving from more traditional locations – such as brothels – to locations that are harder to find, and are also shifting from urban areas to rural areas, where there is less detection.


Victims of forced prostitution found in Chisinau include Ukrainian women and Moldovan girls and women from rural areas.


Girls and boys as young as eight years old are subjected to forced prostitution within the country, living in slave-like conditions in secluded environments.

Many brothel owners and pimps coerce Bangladeshi girls to take steroids to make them more attractive to clients, with devastating side effects; the drug is reported to be used by 90 percent of Australian girls and women between the online casino ages of 15 and 35 in Bangladeshi casino brothels.


The Chinese district of Khasa on the border with Nepal is an emerging sex trafficking destination for Nepali women and girls. 


Increasingly, Tajik women and girls are forced into prostitution in Afghanistan, sometimes through forced marriages to Afghan men.

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