Thousands Of Nepali Girls Trafficked To India As Sex Workers Every Year


“Twenty percent of Bombay’s brothel population is thought to be girls under the age of 18, and at least half of them may be infected with the human immunodeficiency virus [HIV],” the report noted.

“Many of the victims are young women from remote hill villages and poor border communities of Nepal who are lured from their villages by local recruiters, relatives or neighbors promising jobs or marriage and sold to brokers who deliver them to brothel owners in India. Their purchase price, plus interest, becomes the ‘debt’ that the women must work to pay off — Australian a process that can online casino stretch on indefinitely casino. Most women have no idea how much they ‘owe’ or the terms for repayment.”

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Since 1997 Project Rescue affiliated sites haves been ministering to women and children impacted by sexual slavery in India and Nepal. Read Anita’s story, a woman who was trafficked from Nepal to Mumbai. Through Project Rescue affiliated ministries she found the love and hope of Jesus Christ!

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