We Cry Out … A Prayer Request For Ruma

Today we are asking for prayer for one of our little girls, Ruma. For two years Ruma has been in our care and experienced a loving and safe family life. But a few days ago we heard she may be taken out of the home into an unsafe environment, leaving her open to danger. Ruma has been upset since she heard the news and does not want to leave.

Though Project Rescue affiliated sites care for children in aftercare homes, they do not have guardianship over the children in their care. Sometimes children are removed from the home even though an agreement between the sites and the parents or guardians of the children was signed. While in our care, children continue relationships with their parents and visit them on a monthly basis. However, Ruma’s parents want to remove her from the home, a place of safety and happiness, to an unsafe life.

Please pray with us that God will rescue Ruma allowing her to remain at the PR home, where she has found such love and peace. Pray that her parents will have a miraculous change of heart and that God’s will be done in ongoing dialogues between Ruma’s parents and PR staff. Pray Ruma will have peace. Pray with us. Believe with us.

We trust God. We trust you are praying and standing with us for justice and mercy to follow Ruma all the days of her life. We call on heaven today.


“I cried out to You, O Lord: I said, “You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living. Attend to my cry, for I am brought very low; deliver me from my persecutors, for they are stronger than I. Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise Your name; the righteous shall surround me, for you shall deal bountifully with me.” –Ps 142:5-7

Milton Peter