Piercing The Darkness With Words Of Light


Sitting in a circle with a group of women. The room is dimly lit and grows darker as the power goes out. Lies simmer in the air, constantly whispering in their ears an identity that can not be escaped.


The ladies sit and some chat with the women to their side, giggling and conversing about life. Others glance around the room, watching the others, searching for cues of what to do. Finally, a unifying order is brought to the group as they’re given an instruction for each to turn to the person on their right and speak to them words of truth; words of encouragement to one other. They all look around the room, timid, unsure. The first girl starts.

She hesitantly looks at the girl to her right. She waits, letting the right words formulate in her head. Her lips part as they make their way from the heart to her tongue and she speaks. “Dee Dee, I love you.” The words flow from her mouth sweet and pure and she continues to lay out reason after reason why her big sister is a blessing.

The girl on the right, her face has been fixated on the floor, unsure how to embrace these words. What is this she is hearing? Kindness? Gentleness? Love? Slowly, the features of her face begin to brighten as her heart is lightened. She doesn’t know what to say, what do. But she feels…Love. She lifts her head, looks the speaking woman in the eyes and though she says nothing, their hearts have met and a gratitude deeper than words is communicated. Life has been given.

And life breathes life, so she turns to the woman on her right. Words of kindness are passed around the circle until every girl has been spoken the truth of who she is, her identity. She has been given life and joy erupts around the room. Laughter. Hope.

There are some bonds that cannot merely be broken by a physical means. Only the consistent penetration of truth can leave the lasting effect of freedom. Thus the healing begins.

If we want to see the darkness of this world illuminated, we must start eliminating the lies by shining the light of truth that breaks every stronghold and delivers the captives to freedom.

– The following is a reflection from a 2013 Summer Project Rescue intern. 

Milton Peter