Outreach Center Update

This week one of the Project Rescue affiliated sites held the second prayer meeting at the new outreach center in the red light district. Here is an update from the outreach leader of how God is working.

“We had four boys show up for the “Children’s Church.” They were three new boys and one boy that came last month. While we were sharing the Bible story, Angel’s mother, Mary came to the outreach center. She joined us on the floor and listened to the story. We sang a few Hindi songs and began to pray and intercede. Mary had a huge sore on her leg and it was giving her trouble. We prayed for her leg and then asked her if she would like to receive Jesus. She said….YES! We prayed with her again as she repeated the sinner’s prayer. It was beautiful. Mary shared with us how Angel had been sharing about Jesus with her. Angel has been praying for her Mother for over two years now. Today was an answer to prayer. We are so grateful for this incredible move of God today. Thank you Jesus!