Cassie’s Story


I Can Do Something!

I do not have a Facebook or a Twitter to share the ministry of Project Rescue, but I have just graduated college. Because of this my parents have decided to celebrate this accomplishment with a special dinner.

I told them that I would love to celebrate in this way because I will get to tell everyone why I went back to college to get my degree. It was because of the women and children in India who need our prayers and our action. I have spent 2 and 1/2 years studying, so that I would be better prepared for whatever God has for me in India or anywhere in the world He wants me.

Through this time I have presented about a half a dozen reports about the issue of sex trafficking domestically and abroad.

I would ask for prayer from anyone who is willing. July 6th is the celebration dinner. I will be presenting to all of my friends and family the issue of human trafficking and the heart that Christ has toward the least, the last, the lost and the lonely.

Please pray for me to present the truth of this issue to the roughly 100 people who attend. Please pray for those who are coming to have their hearts opened to what Christ might be calling them to do.

I may not have a Facebook or a Twitter but I have a voice and this dinner. I am trusting that God will use it the way He wants to so that more lives will be rescued and restored.

Are you doing a special event or fundraiser to support the ministry of Project Rescue? Share it with us!

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