A Note From David And Beth


Someone recently asked us about the future of Project Rescue “beyond David & Beth Grant”.  Our immediate response was, “We are fiercely committed to ensuring that Project Rescue’s mission is secure beyond us.  This Jesus-centered mission is too important to do less.”

DAVID AND BETH GRANT ARE COMMITTED to the ministries of Project Rescue in six nations and growing to continue to bring Christ’s freedom to thousands. Our committed colleagues are empowering a younger generation to pursue the same great mission in the Spirit’s power. But equally essential is the engagement of friends who will invest finances & intercession into the future so that this mission of hope can continue to bring hope for years to come. WILL YOU COMMIT WITH US?

Thank you for praying about being a present AND future part of God’s mission through Project Rescue ministries – to liberate those in slavery and disciple them to become the men and women of God He created them to be!

- David and Beth Grant

Milton Peter