A New Generation: Pillars Of Light


Once it was a dream for 10 children to study in a university, Bible college or a school of nursing, but Jesus made it possible through a Project Rescue affiliated ministry. Praise be to God who alone is worthy of praise! These children are born with a social stigma, a voiceless condition, surrounded with helplessness; they are without identity, without any hope. Poverty, illiteracy, and vulnerability forced their mothers into prostitution. Three years ago four of them lost their mothers and today, three of their mothers are infected with HIV. When these young adults  look back at the ten years of life lived in the Project Rescue aftercare home their eyes are filled with tears and their hearts are full of gratitude. They thank Jesus and their leaders for being the main pillars in building them up. After completion of the 12th grade, these ten now attend the College of Social Work, College for Bachelors in Computer Application, College for a Bachelor of Science, the General Nursing program, Christian Fellowship Hospital, or Theological colleges. We are so proud of their accomplishments, their perseverance and faith to walk with the Lord in pursuit of His specific calling on their lives. May they be pillars of light to this world, to this generation!   –Report from affiliated site leadership

The Dream Tee campaign was born out of a desire to see the women and children of Project Rescue affiliated ministries have the joy of pursuing their dreams.  Every sale goes to a scholarship fund to help them attend college and follow the degree plan of their choosing. Last year 29 young women from Project Rescue affiliated sites graduated from high school with dreams of attending college.  The Dream Tee campaign allows Project Rescue to support many of these girls as they pursue dreams of becoming: nurses, teachers, social workers, pastors, web designers, police officers, aviation officers and some, attend college with hopes of returning to Project Rescue to minister. We believe every woman and child that comes through Project Rescue should have the opportunity to fulfill their hopes and dreams. Join with us in making their dreams a reality! Visit the Project Rescue Shop to purchase a Dream Tee and be a part of helping to see young men and women affected by sexual slavery pursue dreams of attending college!

Milton Peter