A Celebration Of Hope


On June 19, one of the Project Rescue affiliated sites dedicated a new home to the One who makes all things possible!

In attendance at the dedication were key government officials. One official said this home would now serve as the model for children’s homes in his country! He was especially pleased with the family environment that surrounded the home, and reported a desire to see more works like it spring up across the nation.

After lunch, the girls from the home performed worship songs they had individually written, followed by a special Rescue Arts project they created for the dedication.

The girls made kites that detailed their hopes and dreams. On each kite, they wrote what they loved about their new home, a picture of their family, and a special Scripture for their lives. They then proudly flew their kites as a symbolic offering up to the Lord. Even a downpour of rain could not stop the soaring kites. By the end of the day, the girls were covered in mud and smiles.

Kites weren’t the only things to fly over the newly dedicated home that day, though… hope soared, too.

Thank you for celebrating with us on this joyous occasion. Please continue praying for the girls as they transition into their new home and continue the journey of healing.

Milton Peter