What's Going on in Europe?


Europe is facing an exploitation crisis. During 2010-2013, more than 30,000 trafficking victims were detected in Europe. The European Union admits that they have not come close to measuring the full extent of trafficking within their borders. Young girls and women are brought into Western and Central Europe mainly from northern Africa, South and Central America, Eastern Asia, and more recently from the Middle East.Traffickers are taking advantage of Europe’s migration crisis to force more people into sexual exploitation and other types of slavery, according to an EU report on human trafficking.

Children, a preferred target for traffickers, are especially vulnerable, and there is growing concern over the fate of child refugees who have disappeared since arriving in Europe. An alarmingly high number of young girls from Nigeria have been brought into Western Europe in the last year and a half, with about 80 percent, according to the International Organization of Migration, being trafficked and becoming victims of sexual exploitation.

The need in Europe seems daunting. But God is stirring His church to respond compassionately and extend healing and hope to victims of sexual slavery and those at high risk. We are eager to see what He is going to do through Project Rescue ministries and our colleagues in Europe
— David and Beth Grant Directors, Project Rescue
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