The Work Of Healing


Project Rescue Vocational Centers are an incredible place of healing, hope and joy. You can see the light in these courageous women’s faces the moment you walk in the door.

While in Southeast Asia as an intern with a Project Rescue affiliated ministry, I spent an afternoon sharing devotions and praying with prostituted women in a vocational unit. It was a day that will impact my life forever.

Some of the women who come to the vocational centers are still trapped in sexual slavery, but through God’s love and the efforts of Project Rescue affiliated ministries, they are able to learn a trade with dignity and find hope for the future. By investing in these precious lives, the women realize that God has given them unique gifts and that their lives matter to Him!

When we finished our devotions that day, the ladies were so excited to show us the many items that they crafted by hand: quilts, handbags, scarves, jewelry and so much more—it was simply amazing. As we picked each item up you could see, one by one, as each woman’s eyes lit up with joy.

It was in that moment that I knew this training opportunity was doing a work of healing in their heart and connecting them with the gifts that God uniquely crafted in their DNA.

These beautiful, hand-made items fashioned at Project Rescue Vocational Centers are available from the centers through Project Rescue partners like UCount and sold to consumers, creating a fair trade. It is so fulfilling to know that simply by purchasing a handcrafted handbag, sari or jewelry, you can directly impact the life of the woman who made it.

Thank you for supporting God’s daughters—together we can make a difference in their lives, in Jesus name!

Hope Starts Here—Every Purchase You Make Impacts a Life—

Vocational Unit products from Project Rescue affiliated ministries are available through the following links:

Photo courtesy of Eurasia Coffee and Tea.

Milton Peter