Sohni’s Story

Panna was lured into marriage to a man who did not love her. Almost immediately after they married, her husband began to sell her to other men to earn money. He was an alcoholic and would torture Panna frequently. This went on for several years before her daughter, Sohni, was born. Panna did not know who the father was, but her abusive husband claimed her as his own.

After Sohni was born, Panna could not stand the torture any longer. She could not stand to see her daughter suffer. As things became worse, the abuse caught the attention of her neighbors. They called the police and Panna was rescued from her abusive husband for good.

Panna rented a small apartment for her and Sohni. However she did not have a job to sustain them, so she was forced to sell herself to support her daughter. She would pick up Sohni from the babysitter just to spend a few hours with her before “clients” came back.


Three years went by like that, but then one day Panna disappeared. Sohni waited for her mother to come and visit, but she never returned. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months and still no Panna. The babysitters did all they could to support Sohni, but they did not have much to give. After some time Sohni became malnourished and as time went on she was forced to do household work like carrying large, heavy jugs of water and grinding spices.

People began to notice this malnourished little child and Sohni was soon taken to a Project Rescue affiliated site. She is now a beautiful young woman preparing for college. She is an artist and knows how to read, write and speak English fluently. Through all the pain and suffering, Sohni knows that no matter what, Jesus will never leave her or forsake her.