One Summer Changed My Life

By Stefanie Allen—“The Project Rescue internship was a summer that changed me, and helped me to discover what God intended for me to become. When I returned, I was struck with the realization that although I had believed the internship would shift my perspectives and tug on my heart, I had not expected to fall in love like I did with the people and the country where I served.

In the day-to-day, I had the privilege of sharing in the lives of seven very precious little girls. I rarely thought of the brothels they came from or the backgrounds of their parents. I was enthralled by these, courageous little girls who knew the Lord loved them more than I could imagine. They loved the Lord with a sincerity that challenged me as I watched them pray to their Jesus.”

“When I walked through the brothel several of the little girls had been rescued from- met the madams, saw the johns and the women and girls still in slavery… well, it was overwhelming. One of our leaders said to us, “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.” And in that moment I thought, “Lord, I hate this place, but please let it not be the last time.”

The staff of Project Rescue prepared me well to go, and shared wisdom that kept echoing through my mind while I served. We were taught about serving, embracing culture, bonding with our co-intern, and one of the phrases that kept repeating from Dr. Beth Grant was the seemingly simple, but very profound statement, “God is good.”

While in country, I saw more darkness and pain than I’ve seen anywhere else, but through it all, as evidenced by the freedom on the faces of the little girls at the aftercare home, those words became alive in a fresh way, that “God is good.”

Milton Peter