New FAAST Curriculum Helps Educate Youth On Human Trafficking


Project Rescue is proud to support the Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Human Trafficking’s (FAAST) efforts as they equip God’s people, the church, in addressing the evil of human trafficking with their new educational curriculum, “Change Agents: A Bible Study for Preteens,” which released this week.

Trafficking of children is real. Here are some sobering facts:

  1. Although grant programs exist for vulnerable children and at-risk youth, child trafficking victims, especially boys and transgender youth, faced difficulties obtaining needed services*.

  2. The growing use of social media by traffickers to recruit and control victims*.

  3. Children continue to be used as forced labor in over 300 countries in the production of goods and products**.

Children are natural advocates for justice and often the un-thought-of leaders in the church. What if youth ages 8-13 were able to identify human trafficking, and they had the tools that prevent them from becoming victims and empower them to make a difference?

Change Agents is a 7 lesson curriculum that covers God’s heart for justice, labor trafficking, sex trafficking and what we can do to help stop it. It also focuses on empowering parents to talk to their children about important and sensitive issues.

After the curriculum if your child wants to do more FAAST has created a Change Agents Action Kit. The Action Kit is a guide with 10 things a child can do to stop human trafficking. Children can either get an electronic version or order the printed version. The printed version comes with a T-shirt and resource CD. Both versions come with posters, videos, and more. These items are designed to empower and equip children to make a difference.

Change Agents is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase on

Milton Peter