Education Changes Destinies

Shanti’s classroom was the brothel. Her teachers were madams. As a child she learned things no one should have to learn. All she knew of the world was sexual exploitation and injustice. But today, with a degree in counseling, Shanti serves in a Project Rescue aftercare home ministering to children who were exploited just as she was. She now walks in freedom, with a new destiny.

Education is absolutely essential for full restoration of survivors of sexual slavery. It leads to careers through which each woman and child can regain a sense of dignity, self-support, and personal value as daughters of God. Last year, 518 women and children in Project Rescue affiliated ministries were engaged in education initiatives. Of those, 23 young women graduated from college. Survivors are pursuing careers in fields like social work, finance, theology and nursing. With education and holistic care, former victims’ destinies are changed forever.





Recently, 11 young women rescued in a government raid were placed in the care of a Project Rescue ministry. This is a result of the government’s recent recognition of this ministry’s excellent work with survivors of sexual slavery. Such favor is miraculous!

Gaining the trust of the 11 girls is one of the biggest challenges facing Project Rescue staff. Survivors are slow to trust because they are often exploited and deceived from a very young age. Please remember our staff and the girls as they work together to bring healing.

As eleven new young women and children begin their restoration journey, seven women graduated college and are walking into the future with renewed hope. It is deeply moving to see the love and power of Jesus Christ heal and restore survivors. The journey is not easy, but nothing compares to seeing life and joy return to a survivor’s eyes. Finally, he or she can see their true value, not as an object, but a valued child of God.


Hope and healing can grow in a simple classroom. Many of us take education for granted. But for survivors of sexual slavery and exploitation, education is a treasured gift. A school uniform brings a sense of pride and an armful of heavy books means a bright future and new life are possible.

For women and children on a healing journey, walking across the stage to receive a diploma or degree brings unbelievable joy. Where a few years ago there was no hope for a future, now a divine purpose comes into focus. This is why Project Rescue created a scholarship program. Scholarships give hope to a survivor, encouraging and valuing the talents God placed in them.

Women and children who come through Project Rescue affiliated ministry programs are our sons and daughters. Attending graduation is a priceless gift and just like proud parents, Project Rescue affiliated ministry staff and leadership are overjoyed to see survivors graduate and reach this milestone. Thank you for helping make bright futures a reality.

Milton Peter