A Story of Hope in Europe

As a young woman, Bella worked in the fields. One day a man told her about an opportunity for better work by going to Europe. However, this was a lie. She was brought to Spain and forced into sexual slavery. Her captors told her she had a $55,000 debt to repay. Night after night, Bella was prostituted, tortured and exploited at the hands of her abusers.

By a miracle, Bella escaped. However, when the police found her without ID or immigration papers, she was sent to a detention center for deportation.

Bella knew she could never return to her family because of the danger of being trafficked again. But then another miracle took place. A Project Rescue ministry director came to the detention center and arranged to bring Bella to a safe home where she could be cared for and restored.

Over the next several months, Bella became friends with the woman and the ministry team. The director worked patiently with Bella to help bring physical and mental healing. She also introduced Bella to Jesus. Soon, the young woman – a former slave, chose to put her trust in Jesus for full healing and restoration; and He breathed new life into her spirit.

Today, Bella is a new woman. Jesus healed her in marvellous ways and gave her a new life in Spain. Through her friendship with the woman and the ministry team, Bella learned another language, received a permanent work permit, graduated from a vocational school, and joined a church family. God brought a Christian husband into Bella’s life, and together they are serving in ministry.

Project Rescue celebrates the transformation in Bella’s life. Through the prayers, service and giving of God’s people, Jesus redeems and restores women’s lives. He makes all things new.