A Story Of Hope in Eurasia

Alisha grew up in a village in western India that practices child sacrifice. Despite being chosen for sacrifice at the age of two, she escaped death. Her life was spared again two years later when she was abducted and later released. But when she turned ten, Alisha’s older sister sold her into the red light district in a large city. Her owners enslaved her underground with other young girls. She was starved, beaten, burned with cigarettes and brutally gang-raped by her captors.

Alisha was hopeless when she arrived at the Project Rescue affiliated site in India several years ago. God worked a miracle in her life through the loving hands of caregivers. She heard the message of Jesus’ love and asked Him to reveal Himself to her. Jesus appeared to her, spoke tenderly, and covered her in his presence. Alisha discovered her true value in God’s eyes and is now a young woman of God.

When Alisha first came to the home she was unable to read or write. Now, she has graduated from high school and completed a certificate program in caregiving and counseling.

Today Alisha lives with joy. She knows Jesus saved her so she can be an agent of Jesus’ compassion and saving power. She works in a residential home for children of prostituted women. Once a victim of evil and injustice herself, she now lives to bring Jesus and justice to others in sexual slavery.