A Place to Call Home

~ By a Project Rescue affiliate site leader ~

Ministering to survivors of sexual slavery requires commitment, a substantial investment of time, energy and counseling. It requires much prayer.

In May 2004, our aftercare home opened, bringing restoration to teen survivors of human trafficking and sexual slavery. Our girls were rescued from brothels during raids and then given into our care for restoration.

The girls were between 12 and 14 years old when they came into our care. Their lives in the brothels allowed them no access to education. They had no hope to dream. Once in a safe environment they called home the girls soon shared their dreams of going to school, but knew their ages prevented them from doing so. With the direction of the Holy Spirit we began home schooling them in preparation for school exams.

All our girls attempted 10th grade in English and then went on to complete the 12th grade equivalent exams. In ten years, we ministered to 19 young women, four of which are reintegrated with family and other organizations. Fourteen girls completed our entire program. One of our girls even completed a Bachelor’s degree and graduate studies and now works as a banking officer. Seven of our girls completed counseling degrees in March and now serve at various Project Rescue affiliated sites.


The local church is a transformative community that made a space for our girls and helped them find their voice. The church considers the affiliate home a part of the church. Our girls actively participate in the church’s programs and events and are instruments of healing and change among their peers.

It is true, compassion alone cannot restore without the love and power of Jesus. We have seen the joys of girls encountering the risen Lord, who assured them of His plans and purposes through personal encounters with Him. Those who seek Him are never disappointed and our girls are no exception. When they asked Him to reveal himself, He graciously revealed His love and purpose for their lives. After they encountered Him, understood His life and interacted with us, all our girls accepted the Lord.

I am blessed to have a part in the powerful, restorative work of Jesus in the lives of these beautiful young women each day.

Milton Peter