Kasha’s Story

Kasha’s mother was a victim of sexual slavery. When she was two-years-old, her mother left. No one knew where she went. For three years, Kasha lived with her grandparents. They cared for her the best they could, but they were homeless and often did not have enough food for themselves or Kasha.

One day, Kasha’s mother came home, but the situation did not improve. Her mother was verbally abusive and treated her like a servant, forcing her to work all day just to earn her meals. Her mother would often say, “You are nothing to me, you are useless.” These words cut deep into Kasha’s young heart. Over time she began to believe she was useless and that her life meant nothing.

At age six, Kasha did not want to live. She began calling out to God, she had so many questions. How could He allow her to live like this? What was her purpose? While walking on the road to get water and complete her chores, she would often plead, “God, please take me; I do not want to be here.”

A Project Rescue outreach team befriended Kasha’s mother. After months of the team building trust and offering a safe place for Kasha to live, her mother agreed to let her go into a Project Rescue Home of Hope. Although Kasha longed for the love of her mother, in her new home she found something she never expected. A new family surrounded her with love and introduced her to the unconditional love of Jesus. Kasha excelled in her studies, and recently completed her bachelor’s degree. She felt God asking her to return to the home where she found hope. Kasha now serves there as a leader, sharing the love and hope that she desired as a child. She knows the truth; she is not useless, she is a treasured daughter of God, fulfilling His good purposes.